Towards Infinity and Beyond: The Stellar Additions of Chaincademy!

Greetings, dear web 3.0 cadets! Welcome to another thrilling week here at our beloved Chaincademy. Get ready to dive headfirst into the latest stellar updates we’ve prepared for you. Buckle up and prepare to blast off into the future of digital education!

Cosmic Fixes and New Constellations of Features

  • Mandatory Username: From now on, you have the power to choose your own username when joining our community! Feel free to select a name that reflects your identity as you embark on the journey through web 3.0.
  • Language AI in Personal Information: You can now customize your experience by choosing the type of language the AI will interact with in the personal information section. Get ready for even more fluid and precise communication!
  • Create Post in Project Forum: With the new features, teams can not only create posts in the forum but also attach files to communicate better. Additionally, all team members will receive email alerts and be automatically directed to the project’s Discord.
  • Rich Text for Messages and Comments: Now, your messages and comments can become true works of art, with support for rich text. Explore communication that is more beautiful, simple, and elegant!
  • Filter by Post Title Name: We’ve made navigating the vast universe of forum posts easier by allowing you to search by post titles. Find exactly what you’re looking for with precision and efficiency.
  • Soft Account Deletion: We take data protection seriously. With soft account deletion, you can request the deletion of your account at any time, in compliance with GDPR. Travel through the Chaincademy cosmos with total peace of mind, knowing that your right to privacy is respected.

Conclusion: Together Towards the Stars!

Minions cheering the chaincademy.


And thus, another week full of discoveries and innovations comes to an end at Chaincademy. With each new update, we’re one step closer to conquering the universe of digital education. So, grab your digital spacecraft and join us on this epic journey through the cosmos of knowledge!

Until next time, explorers! And remember: the sky is no longer the limit, it’s just the beginning! 🚀✨

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  1. Leopoldo Fernández avatar
    Leopoldo Fernández

    Well Well Well, the updates from Chaincademy are thrilling, like a journey through space. I’m particularly excited about the customization options and the addition of features like attaching files and formatted text. 🚀

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