Work in remote jobs  Boost
your portfolio

Get vetted by our AI and collaborate on open-source commercial projects with other developers


Do you want to up skill ?


Guided path with AI review

Step-by-step guide and instant feedback of your code

Collaborate ​on commercial projects

Solve real-world problems together with other developers

Improve Soft and Technical skills

Build up your communication skills while  also improving your technical skills

Work remotely in projects around the globe

Advance your career opportunities and boost your CV

Build your credibility & portfolio

Work on projects that you can use for your portfolio and enhance your credibility

Career roadmap

Develop a personalized roadmap customized to your skills, aspirations, and goals

About Us

Our platform is bridging the gap between education and employment. Offering a guided roadmap, with real-time feedback for each step developers complete sending their GitHub Pull-requests (PRs) with the code for each task.

After building a full-stack project, we level them up to collaborative commercial projects with the other developers. 

We empower individuals to gain and prove practical experience through hands-on projects. Developers can then use these projects as their own portfolio. For each completed stage, the developers will earn a certificate. 

For the companies, we provide the ability to post their projects in the platform, so the developers can build it. 

For the recruiters, during both stages of the course (individual and collaborative) we evaluate the performance of these developers and are able to give the level of commitment and equivalent years of experience they have for each skill.


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